A japanese feeling, 50x30cm, oil on canvas, 

Green living-room, oil on canvas, 30×20 cm

Salottino, oil on canvas, 20×20 cm

Dollhouse, 29,5×38 cm, oil and collage on wood, 2021

no title, 29,5×38 cm, oil on wood, 2021

no title, oil on canvas, 20×30 cm

Snooker days, oil on canvas, 70×40 cm

piccoli naufragi

Piccoli naufragi, acrylic and oil on canvas, 70×60 cm

Butterflies, oil on canvas, 80×110 cm

The universe is a blanket, oil on canvas, 190×150

Casa Koinobori, oil on canvas, 150×190 cm

Moomin is magic, oil on canvas, 110×80 cm

Inclement winter, oil on canvasboard, 35×45 cm

no title, oil on canvas-board, 30x40cm

Morning, oil on canvasboard, 30x40cm

Books, oil on canvas-board, 30×40 cm

Blue, number two, oil on canvas-board, 35x45cm

Capolavorino, oil on canvas, 15×21 cm

no title, oil on canvas, 35×50 cm